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We want to connect like-minded gamers over eighteen to find the perfect gaming partner in life. The system was broken, but now we've reset everything and changing the game! BeMyGamer has created a unique social platform that is built by gamers, for gamers, to connect you with someone that understands YOU. But, here's the kicker - we don't use proprietary algorithms that can be manipulated. Instead, we give you a platform where you can connect with other gamers through social events, streaming, find hidden easter eggs while finding your mate, monthly prize giveaways and through our one-of-a-kind VR chat experience.

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BeMyGamer is made up of many different communities.
These allow you to meet people with the same tastes and desires!

A Different

Gamers are unique! There's no way that an algorithmic-based formula is going to be able to match gamers, especially using such a limited question and answer system..well it's a start and you've definitely come to the right place we are more than that! We offer matching statistics using a compatility score system and each match is customized.

So, we've taken a completely different approach to dating. Our website focuses on connecting you with other gamers who like the same types of games as you do.

Maybe you're a big fan of Fortnite - connect with people who like playing Fortnite.
Maybe you're a big fan of Borderlands 3 - connect with people who like playing Borderlands 3.

Now, you can truly see who's behind the avatar!

But we go beyond just games. In fact, we have numerous gaming community events built specifically for you. If you've ever wanted to meet your Player # 2, we give you that chance - we give you the “cheat codes” to find your perfect match.

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Tons of members have already created their profile and enjoy a network of friends from everywhere!
SO... what are you waiting for? :)

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Connecting those that don't want to play video games alone and they don't want to play "games" with eachothers hearts - cheers to a successful gaming adventure!

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